NitrOlympX 2012 - Official Statement

24. Aug

Dear dragster fan,

The Hockenheimring has been offering first-class drag racing sport since 1986. Our Quarter Mile and its continually excellent preparation have formed, in recent years, the basis for top speeds and best times in all participant classes. In actual fact, Hockenheim is known in the drag racing community for being a tarmac for records.

During this year's NitrOlympX from 10th - 12th August 2012 however, the condition of the track meant that no record speeds were to be expected. During the preparations for Formula 1 at the Hockenheim Ring in late July, for the first time the entire drag strip had to be cleaned because of FIA safety requirements. This meant that, in contrast to previous years, the entire rubber layer had to be removed from the surface of the track.

Our crew worked tirelessly together with the team from Baden Motorsport Club, external specialists and renowned experts from abroad (Santa Pod, England), to make up for the loss of grip and to make the track usable and safe for the NitrOlympX. This great effort paid off: all safety standards for the DMSB, FIA and UEM were met, the track was approved by the race stewards.

Even if the Rico Anthes Quarter Mile wasn't quite presented in top state, and the conditions for hotshot speeds and records were not there, first-class racing took place on all three event days. 140 participants in seven different sportsman classes, all UEM bike classes, as well as the FIA Top Methanol Dragster, lined up to the starting position and delivered an exciting competition right up to the finals. All FIA car classes, including the Top Fuel Dragster, contested their qualifying heats on Saturday.

Going against the decision of race director, Jerry Lackey, who was a dragster driver for many years, and the authorities from FIA, who were present on-site, the drivers of the FIA car classes - with the exception of the drivers of the Top Methanol Dragster - judged the track to be non-competitive and decided to race no elimination heats on Final Sunday. Even the few Top Fuel drivers, who had indicated their readiness to start, finally had to give in to the decision. As event organiser we had no other choice than to accept this decision. All attempts to find a solution came to nothing. Nevertheless our spectators were still offered, despite the FIA heats being absent, the entire Sunday race action: show heats from the Top Fuel Funny Cars and Jet Dragster, and the final heats of all other classes. Many people appreciated this and have confirmed this to us.

Nevertheless we have a great deal of understanding for the criticism directed at us and the disappointment of some of our visitors. As event organiser, but also as fans of this fantastic motor sport, we take this feedback very seriously and greatly regret what happened. We would also like to apologise for the fact that, due to continual negotiations and constant new developments, we  did not manage to give comprehensive information about the developing situation on the spot.  We have learned our lessons from this year's event and guarantee that next year, we will offer an optimal dragster track on which records can once again be celebrated - as in the previous 26 years.

As a gesture of good will, but without acknowledging any legal obligation, we invite all holders of a one-day or weekend tribune ticket for the NitrOlympX 2012 to visit one of our other motor sport highlights with an accompanying person. By changing your Nitro ticket, you will receive a choice of two weekend tickets for the big final of the IDM 2012 (14th - 16th September), the Hockenheim Classics 2012 (22th - 23th September), the ADAC Masters Weekend 2012 (28th - 30th September) or the Bosch Hockenheim Historic 2013 (April 2013). These tickets will be available on the respective event days for you to collect from the information desk/administration of Hockenheim-Ring GmbH. You can find out further information about these events at Please understand that another or a further compensation cannot be granted, especially as top-class drag racing was shown throughout the entire weekend.

We would be delighted if you could visit the Hockenheimring for one of the above-mentioned events. Above all, we hope to be able to welcome you to the NitrOlympX 2013.

With motor sporting greetings
Hockenheim-Ring GmbH