“Drag racing is just the eternal quest for the BIG FORWARD” ……. that’s how a drag racing legend once summarized it – but if there is not a quarter mile of asphalt, that can be prepared with clue, then you may look for other ways: Sand- / Dirt Drag racing can be described as the “marginal sport of a marginal sport” – and even in the USA (the motherland of drag racing) this division leads a relative shadowy existence. But never the less, they are fighting like the big ones.

The whole thing should not be confused with the “tractor-pulling”, which takes place on similar ground. This kind of drag racing is very “bike-oriented”, so the more interesting fact for the techie is, that even with the 4-wheelers shown here only high-revving motorcycle engines instead of the more powerful V8 car engines. The motto here is „number of revolutions instead of torque“.

Noteworthy, as here the difference between the two terms “GRIP” and “TRACTION” comes to light very impressively: While at the NitrOlympX on the glued Rico Anthes Quartermile the search and achievement of GRIP is crucial, on the “Dirt Track Field” reaching as much TRACTION as possible is the main goal. Watch the Video.

So, if you have swept all the dust from the desk after watching the video, we recommend to deepen the newly learned participate in the annual international traction seeker congress, at the Motodrom University in Hockenheim.

Finally, there is only one final question to be answered: What do they do in an oil-down? … Do they dump sand on the sand? …