Dragster Flame

Racing series FIA Pro Stock


Technical specifications 1/4 Mile Racer

  • Horsepower 1400 hp
  • Top speed 346 km/h
  • Top time 6.491 Sec


This is the precision mechanics division of drag racing: just classic tuning, no nitro, no nitrous oxide and no turbo or blowers. “Filing, polishing and lightening” is the creed of this class for two/four-door coupés. These are pure racing cars built with a tubular frame. The doors need to work like the production vehicle in question. Unlike other classes, the body shape and engine have to be made by the same manufacturer. The minimum weight is 1,066 kg including the driver. Beneath the ultra-lightweight bodies, there are hearts that beat at the same pace of a mid-sized car, but they are still driven by their owners as if there were no tomorrow. Conventional eight-cylinder naturally aspirated engines with a camshaft below and two valves per cylinder are often used, which perform so impressively due to conventional tuning. With torques of around 8000/min, these “precision machines” deliver up to 1400 hp. So Pro Stock is a bit like drag racing without anabolic agents: Only standard petrol found in petrol stations can be used. Special fuels or charges are not permitted. The maximum displacement is 500cui (8193.5 cc). The “Pro Stockers” reach top speed of over 340 k/h in 6.5 seconds.