At this year’s prestigious EYES & EARS Awards in Munich, MediaApes from Neustadt an der Weinstra├če won third place in the digital category “Best Live Experience”. The specialists for immersive experience concepts were honored for their NitrOlympX VR experience, which they produced in cooperation with Hockenheim-Ring GmbH.

More than just being in the middle of things: being tangibly on site

Through the immersive promo concept and VR experience for Europe’s biggest drag racing event, the NitrOlympX at the Hockenheimring, you can feel the heat of the asphalt and get to places that are otherwise inaccessible to you.

With the VR promo for the NitrOlympX, MediaApes, together with its partners and the Hockenheimring, have laid a foundation for shooting the nitro into the veins of the spectators. The concept was developed to illustrate what it means to have around 20,000 horsepower thundering down the “Rico Anthes Quartermile” in under 5 seconds next to you. Through the Experience, the Hockenheimring becomes much more visible and, above all, tangible and can show what makes it special. The 360┬░ sound combined with the enormous picture scenery sets new standards in marketing.

At the first major presentation at the Essen Motor Show 2021, it quickly became clear that visitors to the show, as well as established drag racing fans, were able to experience a completely new and, above all, a much more direct impression of the fastest motorsport in the world. The trade fair visitors were enthusiastic and will not miss the next live event.

With the EYES & EARS Award, the ambitious project of the MediaApes agency has now received a first-class seal of approval from the media industry. For more than 20 years, Eyes & Ears of Europe has been offering a day full of networking, know-how and concentrated inspiration with the EYES & EARS every year. Not only media professionals but also young professionals meet here to learn about the latest trends, innovations and new perspectives in the fields of design, promotion & marketing for media and entertainment brands from all over Europe.

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Photo: MediaApes