“There are some new guys in town”…

As organisers of the NitrOlympX, we constantly work hard to offer our spectators the hottest new highlights in the drag racing scene. This year, there will be a top-class premiere: for the first time, the “Extreme Outlaw Challenge” will be included in the NitrOlympX track programme. This group of experienced high-quality accelerators forms a new racing class built according to DMSB regulations for vehicles that are turbocharged, ProCharger or supercharged and run an index of 6.00 to 8.50 seconds over the quarter mile.

The class with the initials “XO” is specially exciting because Altereds compete against Funny Cars, and Pro Mods against Dragsters – hardly any other class offers so much variety for the spectator’s eye. Some of the names mentioned in this context will not only make NOX visitors who are familiar with the scene sit up and take notice: Micha Vogt and the 55 Bel Air from the Race Antz, the iconic “Hotro├źn” of Team MSDR from France or the flaming 54 Borgward from Frank Richter are just a few well-known starters.


The competitions in this class are held according to the “Cannonball procedures”, i.e. each driver drives until the last run. After the qualifying rounds, each driver gives his index for the race heats. This index may be over- and under-run. After all race runs, the run times are added up and divided by the number of race runs. The winner is the one who is closest to his index. Again, it counts in both directions (over and under). If there are more than 2 race runs, there will be a strike result. Each driver has to announce his strike result shortly after the last race run.

More about the EXTREME OUTLAWS: www.extremeoutlaw.net