The “Scandinavian Internationals” (August 10-13) in Tierp, Sweden are over and the cards for the NitrOlympX have been dealt and shuffled.
Here is a short summary of the FIA classes and the situation for the “Big Battle” on the Rico Anthes Quartermile.


After Ida Zetterström had already “delivered clean” in the first two rounds, she did not let herself take the “Smør from the Brød” in Tierp: She was top qualifier with 4:061 sec. ahead of Finn Lethimäki (4:169 sec.) and Swede Susanne Calin (4:533 sec.). Reigning champion Antti Horto (FIN) finished Q3 with 5:345 sec ahead of Dane Neergaard (7:549 sec).

On Sunday Ida Zetterström had a solo performance in the first lap, Susanne Calin sent herself into the trailer with a red light against Horto. Neergaard had to pass due to technical defect (no-show against Lethimäki).

In round 2 Antti clearly showed his class with a 3:853 sec / 503.26 km/h. Ida faltered slightly at 330ft and only got a 6:048 sec. Timo Lethimäki crossed the finish line after his bye run in 4:169 sec. Because of the weather conditions the elimination could not start until very late, it was not possible to race the finals.

Current score in the TF overall ranking:

  1. Ida Zetterström (227)
  2. Susanne Calin (166)
  3. Antti Horto (138)
  4. Stig Neergard (129)
  5. Timo Lethimäki (119)
  6. Jndia Erbacher (58)


In the second Swedish appearance, seven TM teams entered, five of which made it to the eliminations. Silvio Strauch, the German competitor qualified fourth with 5:542 sec. ahead of reigning champion Sandro Bellio from Belgium with 5:802 sec.

In the co-round Silvio then drove his first opponent Linn Engan Fløysvik into a red light, repeated this “trick” in round two on top qualifier Tina Høst Nedregård, and was thus in the final. Since Tony Bryntesson, who had a bye run in the semifinal, could not compete due to technical failure, Strauch would have had a solo run. Because of the weather it was not possible to start with the eliminations until very late, it was not possible to run the finals.

Current score in the TM overall ranking:

  1. Silvio Strauch (191)
  2. Linn Engan Fløysvik (185)
  3. Sandro Bellio (119)
  4. Tony Bryntesson (104)
  5. Jonny Lagg (82)
  6. Johnny Oksa (66)
  7. Tina Høst Nedregård (64)


Once again the Pro Mods presented a huge starting field: 22 teams fought for 16 places. After four hard-fought rounds, the picture for the Eliminations was as follows:

  1. Andres Arnover (Mustang) 5.8766/401.49
  2. Michael Gullqvist (’69 Camaro) 5.9304/383.80
  3. Roger Johansson (Mustang) 5.9429/377.62
  4. Åke Persson (Camaro) 5.9514/395.31
  5. Marck Harteveld (Superbird) 5.9872/392.16
  6. Mats Eriksson (’56 Ford Crown Victoria) 6.0939/389.33
  7. David Vegter (’67 Camaro) 6.1133/389.89
  8. Jan Ericsson (Camaro) 6.1293/392.44
  9. Stian Rusånes (’41 Willys) 6.1568/370.12
  10. Bruno Bader (Corvette) 6.1610/374.22
  11. Olof Andersson (’57 Chevy) 6.2285/376.04
  12. Fredrik Fagerström (Chevy pickup) 6.2427/362.90
  13. Michel Tooren (Cuda) 6.2682/393.59
  14. Andreas Arthursson (Chevelle) 6.3995/248.50
  15. Marcus Perman (’69 Camaro) 6.4159/365.36
  16. Patrik Wikström (Camaro) 6.4180/336.66


  1. Jesper Stenberg (’63 Corvette) 7.2724/229.89
  2. Jimmy Alund (’51 Chevy) 7.2909/281.40
  3. Andreas Sjödin (’79 Corvette) 7.4046/191.08
  4. Jere Rantaniemi (2016 Camaro) 8.0631/287.85
  5. Peter Kunc (Camaro) 8.4542/209.22
  6. Micke Johansson (Dodge Daytona) 9.4956/218.98

In the two rounds that were held, the “slugfest” continued briskly, so that the following pairings would have been lined up for the semifinals: Jan Ericsson against Freddy Fagerström and Jimmy Ålund (who slipped into the field as an “alternate”) against David Vegter.

For the intermediate ranking before the NitrOlympX this results in the following constellation (in extracts):

  1. Jan Ericsson / SWE (274)
  2. David Vegter / NED (195)
  3. Bruno Bader / CH (187)
  4. Andres Arnover / EST (169)
  5. Michel Tooren / NED (163)
  6. Marck Harteveld / NED (150)
  7. Freddy Fagerström / SWE (136)
  8. Andreas Arthursson / SWE (135)
  9. Micke Gullqvist / SWE (127)
  10. Jimmy Ålund / SWE (126)

20. Walle Strobel and Norbert Kuno / GER (31)


In the all-Swedish Pro Stock Cars 9 drivers qualified for the Eliminations, the place in the sun was taken by Jimmy Ålund in his Chevy Camaro with 6:593 seconds, who also competed in PM this weekend with his “second car” (a ’51 Chevy). In the second round, i.e. the semi-final, first Stefan Ernryd (6:699 sec.) defeated Lasse Britsmar (7:227 sec.), then Jimmy entered the final virtually without a fight, with 6:621 sec. against Robin Norén (27:494 sec.).

So the Pro Stockers travel to Baden with the following points in their luggage:

  1. Jimmy Ålund (156)
  2. Stefan Ernryd (142)
  3. Simon Ekengren (97)
  4. Michael Malmgren (96)
  5. Robin Norén (93)
  6. Lasse Britsmar (88)
  7. Tommy Leindahl (69)
  8. Christian Sagelv (67)
  9. Magnus Petersson (24)

The points situation promises most exciting racing from August 25-27, 2023 at the NitrOlympX.