The 2023 season has started and after the first two races (Santa Pod and Tierp) it’s time to start a short stocktaking.

Here you can find all information about the FIA classes:


For the first round from May 26-29, 6 TF teams competed, surprisingly the reigning European Champion Antti Horto from Finland was absent. In qualifying Susanne Callin (SWE), Ida Zetterström (FIN) and Jndia Erbacher (SUI) punched stable 3-second times into the asphalt, while Duncan Micallef from Malta, Dennis Nilsson, Sweden and Denmark’s Stig Neergard, were in the 4-5 second range. In the semifinals, Callin had a bye run, crossing the start line only to save the material for the final. In the second pairing, Zetterström defeated Erbacher, also taking home a new European record with a time of 3:7737 seconds and a top speed of 516.62 km/h. In the final, Zetterström again managed an excellent 3:803, while Callin was without a chance with spinning, smoking tires and an 11:673.

Five drivers lined up for the second round in Sweden, including reigning European Champion Antti Horto. Qualifying was again won by Ida Zetterstöm, followed by Horto, Callin, Neergard and Timo Lethimäki. The first round gave Ida a bye-run, Stig beat Susanne, and Antti defeated Timo. – Well, and before the next round the rain eliminated everyone….

Current score in the TF overall standings:

  • Ida Zetterström (166 points)
  • Susanne Callin (128 points)
  • Stig Neergard (95 points)
  • Antti Horto (61 points)
  • Jndia Erbacher (58 points)


Both in Santa Pod (18 teams) and in Tierp (22 teams) the starting fields were “packed” which means that already in the qualifying rounds there has to be a good fight to make it into the 16-team field of the elimination rounds. The qualifying in England was won by the reigning European Champion Jan Ericsson (SWE) with 5:769s. The German representatives Walter Strobel (6:703) and Norbert Kuno (7:258) found themselves on places 14 and 15, which gave them extremely strong first round opponents who confirmed their form. The English winner’s trophy went to Jan Ericsson, who gave his opponent Bobby Wallace (6:443) no chance in the final with a score of 5:743.

In Tierp, the picture was similar: tough battles already in qualifying (this time without German participation) and a very high performance density: the first ten drivers were again very close to each other with times between 5:85 and 6:00 seconds. High tension for the Eliminations was programmed, but also here the Swedish rain made after the second round a wet line through the calculation.

Current score in the PM overall standings:

  • Jan Ericsson (201 points)
  • Bruno Bader (155 points)
  • David Vegter (122 points)
  • Marck Harteveld (113 points)
  • With 31 points each, the Germans Walter Strobel and Norbert Kuno are currently in 18th place.


Four Methanol teams entered for England, nicely divided into two Dragsters with Silvio Strauch from Germany and the Swede Jonny Lagg, and two Funny Cars with the reigning champion Sandro Bellio from Belgium and the Norwegian Linn Fløysvik. The beautiful symmetry continued throughout the weekend. Qualifying: Funny Car (Bellio) – Dragster (Lagg) – Funny Car (Fløysvik) – Dragster (Strauch). This resulted in nicely mixed pairings for the eliminations and then in the final the Norwegian and the German met at the traffic lights. And at the traffic lights Linn made everything clear: with her FC bonus of 0.22 seconds and an excellent reaction time of 0.0501 s (against Silvio’s 0.1104 s) she shot away first and won the final with 5:519 against Silvio, who had the better pure running time (5:446), but could not close the gap.

In Sweden six TM teams competed, again cleanly mixed. Johnny Oksa from Finland in the TM-Funny-Car in the qualification with 5:531 on the first place, Strauch in the Dragster with 5:597 as fifth. Since Silvio Strauch and Linn Fløysvik each won their first rounds, they would have met again in the semifinals if… yeah right: Rain Out.

Current score in the TM overall standings:

  • Linn Fløysvik (144 points)
  • Silvio Strauch (115 points)
  • Sandro Bellio (84 points)
  • Jonny Lagg (82 points)


The Pro Stock report from England is short, as the class only entered the championship in Sweden. For Tierp 10 PS teams had entered, nine then went to the start. In the qualification (again) the reigning, twelvefold (!!!) PS champion Jimmy Ålund prevailed with a 6:585. Behind him: Michael Malmgren 5:588, Stefan Ernryd 6:617, Simon Ekengren 6:623, Robin Norén 6:674, behind them Christian Sagelv, Lasse Britsmar and Tommy Leindahl. Magnus Peterson did not make it into the field of eight with his 10:936. Before the rain came, the first round could be played through here as well. Ekengren kicks Norén, and Malmgren Britsmar. Erneryd sends Sagelev into the trailer, and also ÅLund (who also competed in the Pro Mod class in Tierp) knows no mercy against Leindahl.

Current score in the overall PS standings:

  • Jimmy Ålund (69 points)
  • Stefan Ernryd (63 points)
  • Michael Malmgren (62 points)

So it is to be expected that in Tierp (August 10-13) – at the last race before the NitrOlympX – it will be a real thrill in all classes, and the protagonists will be motivated to the top of their revs to get to the Rico Anthes Quartermile.